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Our Mission

Dr Asma Rashid has been practicing the art of medicine and healthy living for numerous years right here in Southampton with her two beautiful boys Laiq and Liam and her husband Dr James Groff who is a Critical Care Trauma Surgeon.  Whether it's personal or family medical care, Hamptons Boutique Medicine has been designed to cater to our clients very own personalized medical needs.

Hamptons Boutique Medicine provides the ultimate patient-physician relation. We design and customize each of our services to fit our clients lifestyles, while placing the world of ease at their fingertips, no matter which of our concierge medicine, urgent care, walk in, telemedicine and primary family physician services they utilize. 

From last-minute travel in need of health evaluation, to routine medication adjustments, let us take care of all your needs. With the current pandemic of coronavirus COVID 19 we offer telehealth medical service via facetime, skype, zoom and other virtual video conference telecommunication.  

Contact us today to find out more.

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